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To anyone and everyone who was at Dreamation 2008, my car, a blue Saturn SL1 was broken into and robbed. If you saw anything please let me know. I am hoping to be able to recover the laptop, pretty much above all other things missing.
This occurred in Iselin, NJ at the Woodbridge Hilton.
Here's a list of what was taken:

My Gateway laptop with power cable
Portable Hard Drive
6x8 Intuos2 WACOM tablet with pen
microsoft optical mouse
512mb SD card
Black Attache
spare Motorola battery
19" LCD Envision Monitor

Garmin C330 GPS system w/ mounts & powersupply
DOOM Boardgame and expansion

Brown Travel Bag
Clothing (several pairs of jeans, t-shirts) Cybergen T-shirt, I-Con T-shirt
My signed copies of Cyberpunk 2020 and Cyberpunk v.3, spare copy of Cyberpunk V.3, Edgerunners Inc.
D&D Players Handbook v3.5, DM's guide, Monster Manual 1

Mandy's Red Travel Bag
Hair Products
Phone charger

I'm offering a 2000$ reward for the return of all goods stolen, especially the computer and external hard drive with data.
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half a game

So. Hauling out my design stuff a few months back I worked out a simple mechanic for placing plastic chips, but the second half of the proto-game was singularly lacking. So I decided to post the mechanic here to see what you-all would come up with, if you feel like sharing.

2-6 players
12 plastic chips in each of the following colors: red orange yellow green blue and purple.
15 plastic chips in both white and black
(total 102 chips)
6 colored tokens (no white or black)

Each player draws a token out of a bag and selects a chip of the matching color which he places on the table in front of him (under his token), then draws a "hand" of three chips.

Chips may only be played next to matching color chips, chips adjacent on the color wheel (green and orange for a yellow chip), or "neutral" (black & white) chips.

Turn sequence: Draw one chip. play a chip from your hand into any player's "structure", play must be legal. Continue until either time is called or all chips have been used. (I tried it both blind draw from a bag and open draw from stacks of each color, I preferred blind draw: simpler set up, and more luck, less strategy)

In the proto game the underside of the chips had colored stickers with either a + or -. The scoring at the end took a long time since you had to total the net value of a particular color chip for that structure then count the number of them present to figure out the value, then repeat five more times and total all the results. :P Okay for a computer game, no fun in real life.

Obviously something more involved than simple scoring would need to happen; perhaps the goal is to build "rings" around your initial chip, with some chips having detrimental effects so you'd want to play them on other players. Perhaps something neat happens if you build a complete "rainbow" of six colors, in order,out from your central chip (the one marked with the token)

My gut-level thought is that about 1/3 - 1/2 of the chips need to be detrimental in some way so players interact more rather than just taking turns building their own structure, with maybe 1/4 being beneficial or defensive in some way.
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The Pains of Doing Business

Way back when The RPG Dungeon became IcePack Games we went from electronic distribution to real world merchandise. At that time we were selling RPG material exclusively and that was primarily adventure modules we self-printed. One of the biggest sellers we have ever had was the electronic version of "The World of Sevemens Sourcebook". That book was the campaign setting that my D&D players gamed in going all the way back to the early 1980's. The sourcebook was written using the 2nd edition AD&D rules and when 3rd edition came out we no longer offered it.
We were moving in a different direction and it just didn't seem necessary to update it. I was busy battling business licensing anyway. That was also the time I found out about UPC's, you know those little bar codes on the back of everything you buy. I paid $750 for the lump of UPC's that I bought all those years ago and I'm glad I did. I just found out that since 2002 any new codes have to be renewed every year.
When I was trying to get my first game sold at HobbyTown USA I was told "If we can't scan it, we can't sell it!" So the UPC's were bought and you will see them on every game we make.

The World of Sevemens turns 25 in just a few months and I wanted to do something special for the anniversary. It has been posted to the website for 2  years now and I am finally getting around to it. "The World of Sevemens Campaign Setting" is getting a 3.5/4ed makeover. Not only that, we are having hard bound copies of the book printed that will be available at Amazon and Borders as well as a few hobby/game stores. The electronic version and hard bound version will both also be available from IPG and The RPG Dungeon.

Since this is the rebirth of d20 D&D lineup with 3 other sourcebooks and a bunch of setting specific modules we wanted to do it right. We are going to be holding a giveaway (more details to come) of proofing copies of the book while we wait on the final hurdle. If I thought UPC's were a pain in the ass they are nothing compared to ISBN's. ISBN's are the book codes and they are $650 for 10. So I am currently working on that little issue while going through 500+ pages of source material. Making all the little changes that need to made for 3.5/4ed and pruning stuff to get it down to 150 pages.

So yeah, what a pain in the ass. Since you sat through all of that I figure the least I could do is give you the lineup. Without further ado I present the Sevemens' hardback sourcebook lineup.

  • The World of Sevemens Campaign Setting
  • Gods, Relics & Rituals of Sevemens
  • The Sevemens Creature Compendium
  • Dragon Lore
  • Prestige and Professions
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Indie games worth checking out?

Do folks have any good recommendations of good PC download indie games? I've been tasked with trying populating our initial list of games to investigate for our someday indie portal at work, of course at the same time that we've got a looming deadline with a ton of work on my game. So, if anybody has any suggestions of games worth checking out, I'd love to hear them since I don't have time to surf the net playing hours of random games trying to find good ones, hah. :)
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You mean other people design games? Cool!

I've made a game where you arrange letters glued together in Tetris-like shapes onto a Scrabble-like board and find words in a Boggle-like way. But without so many trademarks. I'd like to invite everyone to try it out and let me know what their opinions are. You can find it at

It looks like this:

Tell me what you think! Thanks...
Fun with gaming

Need Help With My Book:

Need some help with the book I'm writing.

I need people who are experienced at building 3D terrain to help write a section about it.

If anyone is interested, please contact me.
It is not a paying gig, but you will be given a credit in the book.
Feel free to pass this along on any communities, journals, or otherwise that may be interested.

Animated Dragon

games requiring hardcore construction:

Ok, got a WEIRD question for you guys. I'm currently building a's requiring me to build a multiple-slider, slide-rule like game component. All I can think to make it out of (for the prototype) is wood, which will require a miter box, which I don't have. Can anyone suggest a way to make this sort of thing, without having to use wood? I would be greatly appreciative.

The main thing is I need to keep it cheap. The plastic molds for other pieces are already running me about 500$ (or so my artist guesstimates).