Obstructionist Husband (thewayne) wrote in gamedesigners,
Obstructionist Husband

The owner of Flying Buffalo is running for Scottsdale City Council

I received this email from Rick last night, sort of gaming related.

Hi! Just thought you all might like to know that last week I went
down to city hall and filed as a write-in candidate for the
Scottsdale City Council election coming up March 14th.

No write-in candidate has ever won in Scottsdale, but it turns out it
doesn't cost anything and you don't even have to get any signatures.
But you have to file.

Reason I did this is because the papers have been discussing "Light
Rail" for some time, and Phoenix is spending millions of dollars
putting a rail line down the middle of town. Scottsdale opted not to
do this, and there has been much discussion in the papers of whether
we are "missing out" by not having "light rail". (i.e. old 1800's
technology). But the discussion has always been whether we should
have light rail, or nothing. No one is discussing alternatives, such
as SkyTran (www.skytran.net) - an overhead monorail mag-lev
transportation system designed by my friend Doug Malewicki.

There are three council seats open for election, and there are four
official candidates, and seven write-in candidates. It should be
amusing. I doubt I'll get more than a few votes, but I will consider
my campaign to be a success if I can get just one reporter to write
one article about SkyTran!

Monday I'll be on tv on the local cable channel for a question and
answer session with all the candidates. I'll try to tape it - let me
know if you want a copy!

I'm not looking for campaign donations as I don't plan to spend any
money. As long as I spend less than $500 I don't have to file any
financial paperwork. But wish me luck!
Rick Loomis
Scottsdale City Council Candidate!

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