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The Pains of Doing Business

Way back when The RPG Dungeon became IcePack Games we went from electronic distribution to real world merchandise. At that time we were selling RPG material exclusively and that was primarily adventure modules we self-printed. One of the biggest sellers we have ever had was the electronic version of "The World of Sevemens Sourcebook". That book was the campaign setting that my D&D players gamed in going all the way back to the early 1980's. The sourcebook was written using the 2nd edition AD&D rules and when 3rd edition came out we no longer offered it.
We were moving in a different direction and it just didn't seem necessary to update it. I was busy battling business licensing anyway. That was also the time I found out about UPC's, you know those little bar codes on the back of everything you buy. I paid $750 for the lump of UPC's that I bought all those years ago and I'm glad I did. I just found out that since 2002 any new codes have to be renewed every year.
When I was trying to get my first game sold at HobbyTown USA I was told "If we can't scan it, we can't sell it!" So the UPC's were bought and you will see them on every game we make.

The World of Sevemens turns 25 in just a few months and I wanted to do something special for the anniversary. It has been posted to the website for 2  years now and I am finally getting around to it. "The World of Sevemens Campaign Setting" is getting a 3.5/4ed makeover. Not only that, we are having hard bound copies of the book printed that will be available at Amazon and Borders as well as a few hobby/game stores. The electronic version and hard bound version will both also be available from IPG and The RPG Dungeon.

Since this is the rebirth of d20 D&D lineup with 3 other sourcebooks and a bunch of setting specific modules we wanted to do it right. We are going to be holding a giveaway (more details to come) of proofing copies of the book while we wait on the final hurdle. If I thought UPC's were a pain in the ass they are nothing compared to ISBN's. ISBN's are the book codes and they are $650 for 10. So I am currently working on that little issue while going through 500+ pages of source material. Making all the little changes that need to made for 3.5/4ed and pruning stuff to get it down to 150 pages.

So yeah, what a pain in the ass. Since you sat through all of that I figure the least I could do is give you the lineup. Without further ado I present the Sevemens' hardback sourcebook lineup.

  • The World of Sevemens Campaign Setting
  • Gods, Relics & Rituals of Sevemens
  • The Sevemens Creature Compendium
  • Dragon Lore
  • Prestige and Professions

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