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So. Hauling out my design stuff a few months back I worked out a simple mechanic for placing plastic chips, but the second half of the proto-game was singularly lacking. So I decided to post the mechanic here to see what you-all would come up with, if you feel like sharing.

2-6 players
12 plastic chips in each of the following colors: red orange yellow green blue and purple.
15 plastic chips in both white and black
(total 102 chips)
6 colored tokens (no white or black)

Each player draws a token out of a bag and selects a chip of the matching color which he places on the table in front of him (under his token), then draws a "hand" of three chips.

Chips may only be played next to matching color chips, chips adjacent on the color wheel (green and orange for a yellow chip), or "neutral" (black & white) chips.

Turn sequence: Draw one chip. play a chip from your hand into any player's "structure", play must be legal. Continue until either time is called or all chips have been used. (I tried it both blind draw from a bag and open draw from stacks of each color, I preferred blind draw: simpler set up, and more luck, less strategy)

In the proto game the underside of the chips had colored stickers with either a + or -. The scoring at the end took a long time since you had to total the net value of a particular color chip for that structure then count the number of them present to figure out the value, then repeat five more times and total all the results. :P Okay for a computer game, no fun in real life.

Obviously something more involved than simple scoring would need to happen; perhaps the goal is to build "rings" around your initial chip, with some chips having detrimental effects so you'd want to play them on other players. Perhaps something neat happens if you build a complete "rainbow" of six colors, in order,out from your central chip (the one marked with the token)

My gut-level thought is that about 1/3 - 1/2 of the chips need to be detrimental in some way so players interact more rather than just taking turns building their own structure, with maybe 1/4 being beneficial or defensive in some way.

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